Takanori Suzuki

Takanori Suzuki
PyCon JP Committee
Job title:
Vice Chairperson
Company website:

Takanori([@takanory](https://twitter.com/takanory/)) is a Vice Chairperson of [PyCon JP Committee](https://www.pycon.jp).
He is also a director of [BeProud Inc.](https://www.beproud.jp), and his title is "Python Climber".
Takanori held PyCon JP 2014 to 2016 as the chairperson.
Currently he teaches Python to beginners as a lecturer at [Python Boot Camp](https://pycamp.pycon.jp) all over Japan.
In addition, he published several Python books.
Tananori plays trumpet, climbs boulder, loves Lego, ferrets and beer.