async in the wild: a trio of earlybirds

Illustrated concurrency in Python to win a peculiar race. Comparing threading, asyncio and trio

Eugene Van den Bulke

ASYNC / Concurreny

A journey from problem to solution, exploring different facets and implementations of a concurrent program in Python.

A brief history of async in Python.

An introduction to structured concurrency, which makes async fun.

Deep down I want to celebrate the people in the Python community who focus on making it possible for the many to get things done in Python.

In this particular case, Nathaniel J Smith who nailed async with Trio.

Trio is to asyncio what requests is to urllib!

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Eugene Van den Bulke


Wrote his first program in BASIC on a borrowed Amstrad CPC 464 to convince his parents to let him buy a computer. Mowed many lawns before he could afford one.

His first hard drive was a 5 Mo (double bay 5"1/4) and Pascal his trustworthy early companion. Has been dabbling in Python since 2003 and loving it!

Despite aspiring, as a teenager, to become an astrophysicist, does not use Python to take images of black holes but to modestly contribute to making markets efficient.