Weather prediction using python and machine learning

Vinicius Rego

Data Machine-Learning Python 3 Python Skills Python general

Weather prediction can impact directly or day to day activities and also decision-making in many areas. From water resources management and control to infraestructure works, know better the comportament from the weather variables can help to optimize anc control consumption or also understand more earth's behavior. The use of the python language with machine learning concepts allow us to construct models to understand and predict future values. In this talk will be discussed:

1. Data collection and processing to make informations (using data collection from Brazil and Switzerland)
2. Make regression models that can fit our objectives: simple as it appears! (will be shown some libraries as pandas and matplotlib)
3. Implement neural network models and applying to predict weather values: how it works?
4. Results from the studies cases (Brazil and Switzerland)
5. Conclusion
6. Q&A

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Vinicius Rego


Vinícius Cruvinel Rêgo is a Bachelor in Civil Engineer (UniCEUB - Brazil) MBA. in Project Management (Ibmec - Brazil) and MSc. in Science and Geographic Information Systems (Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal). Owner of GeoEng (Consulting in GIS and Engineer), also work at Companhia Brasileira de Projetos e Empreendimentos (COBRAPE) as a Civil Engineer, working in ​​database management, with focus in reports development for monitoring and control the activities from international programs (IDB) using Python and SQL. He is also a Titular Professor at Centro Universitário Planalto (UNIPLAN) ministering classes from Topography, Roads and Aiports design, Hydraulics and Hidrology.