Accelerate your Deep Learning Inferencing with the Intel® DL Boost technology

Learn more about our new Vector Neural Network Instruction (VNNI) set.

Shailen Sobhee

Data Science Deep Learning Performance python

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Learn about Intel® Deep Learning Boost, also known as Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), a new set of AVX-512 instructions, that are designed to deliver significantly more efficient Deep Learning (Inference) acceleration. Through this technology, I will show you how you can perform low-precision (INT8) inference much faster on hardware that support the VNNI instruction set (for example, the 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, codenamed, Cascade Lake). In the live Jupyter notebook session, you can will be able to see the benefits of this new hardware technology.

Note: This is an advanced talk. Knowledge about Deep Learning, Inferencing and basic awareness of hardware instruction sets would be desirable.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Advanced; Domain level: Advanced

Shailen Sobhee


Shailen is an AI specialist at Intel. He is the link between the core software engineering team and Intel's end-customers. In his role, Shailen assists and trains customers on adopting the latest and greatest optimized machine-learning and deep-learning frameworks in their software development process. Shailen holds a Master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Munich.

Shailen plays the piano and is an avid football player.