Privacy Policy

We respect your personal data and privacy.

This privacy policy describes the details for the organization of the EuroPython 2019 conference. Please also see the EuroPython Society (EPS) privacy policy for other websites we use to manage the organization and communication of our operations:

Personal Information

Under no circumstances we sell, rent or distribute your personal information (including your email address, name, or anything else you entered in your profile) to third parties entities, unless authorized by you to do so. Only our system administrators and our support team have access to your data and we are making sure that they comply with EU and country data protection requirements in their volunteer work. You can amend and remove any information at any time, from your profile page.

We have striven to make sure that we ask as little personal information as possible throughout the website, both for speakers and for regular participants.

Speakers are asked to submit additional personal information, part of which will become public (eg: full bio). The talk submission form explains what data will be published and what data will be kept private, and each speaker can preview his/her public page before it is made public, and can amend its contents at any time.

Participants can optionally opt-in to publish their profile page to other EuroPython participants, to help connecting during the event.

We use the information you give us to create and find badges, track helpdesk questions, write invoices, show your profile (if made public), contact you with updates regarding the conference and provide you with access to announcements for subsequent events. For speakers, we may also use the information in the conference booklet, the schedule and on web pages of the conference website. In some cases, we may also use the information to contact you in case we need your help or to address issues we find with the registration data or to resolve helpdesk issues.

Some of the information is also used to create demographics for the conference in anonymous and aggregated form. We use this for advertising the conference to potential sponsors.

For more details, please also see the privacy policies on our websites:

No spam

We will not sell or rent your email to other entities. We respect your choices.

If you subscribe to our newsletter or mailing-list, your email address will be used only to deliver list messages, and will not otherwise be used or shared. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link at the bottom of each email.

If you opt-in to receive jobs offerings from our sponsors that are looking for hires, no personal information (including name and email address) will be shared with those sponsors: all emails will go through our systems to protect your privacy. You can opt-out at any time from your profile page. The same applies to sponsor mailings we may occasionally send out to attendees.

Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites of interest. However, once you have used these links to leave our site, you should note that we do not have any control over that other website. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you provide whilst visiting such sites and such sites are not governed by this privacy statement. You should exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.

Audio, video recordings and photography

We will have audio and video recordings during the event (for e.g. the talk recordings), as well as one or more photographers taking pictures to help us with marketing the event in future years by publishing photos in brochures, on our websites or third-party sites such as Flickr, or YouTube, where we maintain accounts.

We will take care not to make photos, videos or audio recordings public which could cause harm to the individuals shown/heard on them. If you do find such pictures/videos/audio recordings on one of our sites or accounts, please write to to ask for review.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small chunks of data which browsers store on behalf of websites and make available to them when a user revisits these sites. They provide the basis for stateful interaction with websites over otherwise stateless web protocols.

In order to manage logins and visits, our Django system makes use of cookies to track sessions when you contact the website, e.g. the acknowledgement to agree with this privacy policy is stored as a cookie in your browser, so that you don't have to click the button on every single page.

If you don't like to have the browser store cookies for our websites, you can easily switch this off in your browser.

Third-party services

A few third-party services help us running the website and the conference. We might share some information on our visitors with them, as part of their service. They have been carefully selected because we believe that they are well-behaved privacy-wise and comply to the EU data privacy regulations:

Google Analytics (privacy policy). We use the website analytics service to review performance of the website and help improve it. Google tracks visitors for us using IP addresses and cookies. You can opt-out from this service through a browser extension.

Google Login (privacy policy). If you have a Google account, you can use this to login to the website. When you do, Google will get to know that you're logging in to the EuroPython website, but you don't have to maintain a password on our website. Alternatively, you can go with our standard login form. In this case, we will store your hashed password using PBKDF2 (with SHA256 hash and salt) and no information will be transmitted to Google for login checks.

Google Forms (privacy policy). For some services such a financial aid, sponsorship signup, feedback forms or signups to special events, we use Google Forms. If you'd rather not make use of these, please email our Please do not that we may not be able to process your request if it is not entered via Google Forms, because we have to optimize our workflows as much as possible in order to stay on top of things with our small team of volunteers.

Google Drive (privacy policy). In order to keep our documents in one place, we use Google Drive for storage. Some of the information we collect for the purpose of running EuroPython, including personal data, will be stored in spreadsheets, documents or similar files on Google Drive. If you have questions about this, please write to the

Google Fonts (privacy policy). jQuery CDN, FontAwesome CDN and Bootstrap CDN hosted by Stackpath (privacy policy). We use these CDN services to provide faster loading of the website.

Attendify (privacy policy). We use Attendify for the conference app. Since the app is not connected to our website, you have to create a new login for using it on the Attendify platform. The platform provides the EuroPython admins with insights on how the app is being used and gives us access to the public messages sent through the app. We use this information for demographics, to improve the conference app and to address any issues we find with the app or how it is being used.

Signup Zone (privacy policy). We use Signup Zone to run the volunteer app for the conference. Volunteers are asked to create an account with Signup Zone to sign up for volunteer time slots. Our work groups then use this information to coordinate the volunteer efforts and make sure the on-site organization runs smoothly. After the conference, we publish the names of the volunteers on the conference website to recognize them for their help. If you are a volunteer and do not want your name to be published, please contact us at or after the conference.

Tumblr (privacy policy). We use Tumblr to run our blog, the pre-launch website and the EuroPython Society (EPS) website. These sites may also include social media buttons or links for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn and Github (see below for their privacy policies).

Stripe (privacy policy). We use Stripe for processing credit card payments when buying tickets to our conferences. Alternatively, you can use Paypal for payments (see below). Since we cannot easily handle cash or bank transfers, these are the only two payment forms we provide to attendees for purchases on our websites.

Paypal (privacy policy). We used to use Paypal as alternative processor for credit card or other types of payments when buying tickets to our conferences, but have stopped doing so due to issues getting the money out of our Paypal account and into our bank account.

Other Services:

Other services we use to provide and manage social media channels, videos, photos, code or user interaction:

Please refer to their privacy policies for details on the collected data and how you can manage this. We have added links to the policies in the above list.


As part of organizing and running the EuroPython conference, we have to share some personal data with vendors, e.g. to print badges, tickets, etc.

In all such cases, we will make sure that the vendors have proper EU data privacy regulation compliant privacy policies in place and will only share the absolute minimum needed to implement the task at hand.

Additional services:

We will list additional services here as we add them to the website or use them for the organization of the conference.

Whenever we add new services, we will make sure that the service providers have proper EU data privacy regulation compliant privacy policies in place.

Removing your information

If you want to wipe your account and all the information, you need to write us an email requesting so (please see below for contact information).

Our staff will erase your data from all files, database records and backups. You will be informed at the end of the process. Information cannot be restored afterwards.

The only exception to data wiping is invoices: if you have bought something on our website, we are legally required to preserve the invoices for 5 years after the emission.

Informing you about updates regarding this policy

We may have to update this policy every now and then to add new services or make changes to adapt it to new regulations.

In order to keep you up to date with changes to our policy, we will issue notices on our website, our news channels and in some cases also send you an email explaining the change.

In case of a possible data breach, we will try to contact you directly via email, if we believe that your data was affected.

This website and the conference is run by the EuroPython Society (EPS), a non-profit organization registered in Sweden. To contact us, please visit the contacts page. For additional legal information, please see the imprint page.

History of changes

2019-04-23: Added service providers and privacy links.