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MongoDB is the coolest collection of dreamers and doers who share a relentless passion for creativity, innovation and technology. We eagerly and expertly pursue new opportunities and markets through innovation and disruption. We have a wicked pioneering spirit––always ready to forge new paths and take smart risks. And we do it all very, very well.

We achieve this by bringing together a distinctive mix of diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds. We work as a team––creating an open forum for innovative thought, candid discussion, and mutual respect. But in the end, we always put commitment over consensus, and value excellence in all its wonderful forms.

If you want to join our outstanding team, please feel free to have a look at the following two job offers:

Lead / Senior Engineer, Compass (EMEA)

Our team is seeking an engineer to lead this team with a passion for visual and architectural design and solving complex engineering problems in rapid release cycles. As the lead of the Compass team, you will also have the opportunity to get to know the MongoDB Community by helping expand and enhance our plugin architecture to enable 3rd party developers to build new tooling.

More information:

Developer Advocate – Germany

Developer Advocates are technologists first and this role will enable you to use your expertise in creative ways. This is an excellent opportunity for you to leverage your expertise and teach developers how to build apps with MongoDB. As a member of the team, you’ll have the opportunity to build and express your voice through various mediums including web-based technical articles, videos, webinars, and speaking engagements.  You’ll also help design and deliver community engagement programs including hackathons, events, startup programs and more. The only limit to the role is your creativity.

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Man Group

Man Group is a technology-empowered, global active investment management firm, which runs $112.3bn (as at March 2019) of client capital in liquid and private markets, managed by investment specialists based around the world. Headquartered in London, the firm has 15 international offices and operates across multiple jurisdictions. Our business has five specialist investment engines, which represent the range of our capabilities: Man AHL, Man Numeric, Man GLG, Man FRM and Man GPM.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. State-of-the-art quantitative trading strategies necessitate state-of the-art technology at all stages – from market data acquisition and initial research through to model implementations and trade execution. Discretionary trading experts need personalised data and analytics at their fingertips through intuitive, responsive UIs. We are committed to being a leader in this area, and are continually investing in talent, technology and research as we strive to be at the forefront of the industry.

Our front office teams are active users of Python and its full scientific stack including NumPy, SciPy, Pandas and Scikit-learn. We are also committed to promoting a flourishing Python ecosystem and growing the community around open-source projects. Man Group sponsors the monthly PyData and Machine Learning meetups in London, and our developers contribute to a number of significant open-source projects. We have also open-sourced our time-series storage engine, Arctic, as well as our data visualisation and automated reporting package, PyBloqs, as well as numerous other tools available on our GitHub:

Quant Developer –

As a Quant Developer at AHL you will be working hand-in-hand with our Quant Researchers. Your challenges will be varied, and will involve implementing new trading strategies, building new research frameworks and quant libraries, prototyping new data feeds, development of new portfolio construction techniques or building risk analysis tools.

Engineer – GLG –

As a Software Engineer at GLG, you will be sitting alongside world class Portfolio Managers and Quant Researchers. Your role will be multi-faceted, involving working directly with cutting edge trading strategies and portfolio construction techniques, and always making sure that the solutions you produce are of the highest quality and constantly keeping up with software engineering best practices.

As this is a front-office facing role, there will be significant engagement with the business and a desire to learn the domain as well as the technology is crucial. Your work will have a direct impact on the profit and loss of the firm, and you will be sitting alongside the people at the front line.

We're looking for somebody who passionately believes that innovation doesn't have to come at the cost of engineering quality.

Engineer – GPM –

Working in the front office with GPM property investment business, you will be part of a multi-year project to bring cutting-edge technology to their investment, portfolio construction and risk-management processes.

The teams have identified a collection of tools and workflows that they would like to have, and to deliver these you will be designing and building at all levels of the stack:

  • Underlying infrastructure and pipelines for data gathering, cleaning and maintenance

  • Process automation of the property acquisition & management workflows

  • Creating a data science capability using the best of the Python data stack to enable better investment decisions

  • Data APIs and Python libraries that desk analysts can use

  • Enhancements to existing web tools and the creation of new web tools.

Many of these elements will be entirely new, others already exist in part but need to be moved to better, more modern technologies.

Over the course of this project you will develop a detailed understanding of the work that the investment and property management teams carry out and will be judiciously applying technology and automation where it brings the most benefits, giving the teams more time to focus on expanding the funds and generating alpha for our investors.

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Yelp is a website and mobile app that makes it easy for users to connect with awesome local businesses. Founded in 2004, Yelp has taken root in countries across the globe, and today has 104M+ unique mobile visitors and 63M+ unique desktop visitors every month. Keeping things running smoothly requires the best and brightest in the industry. Our engineers come from diverse technical backgrounds and value open source and creative problem solving. They write tests, review code, and push daily to keep Yelp the richest source of local data out there.

Infrastructure Engineer - Distributed Systems

London, UK

Scale, store, build, and transport streams to build materialized views and provide the computational infrastructure to run the batches and services that make up Yelp’s website.

Software Engineer - Web

Hamburg, Germany

Work in both Python and Javascript and focus on either side or stay spread across both. Yelp’s extensive style guide allows you to focus on larger problem solving, rather than things like browser incompatibilities.

Software Engineer - Backend

Hamburg, Germany

Make Yelp the best it can be for businesses by doing everything from data processing and analysis to creating new advertising products and building out reporting infrastructure.


Interested? Find out more about our tenacious team at, and be sure to stop by our booth!

DeepCode ( the VC-backed ETH Zurich spin-off, operates the next generation software platform offering the best Semantic Static Analysis for code. Founded by the foremost experts in the field of AI and Program Analysis and backed by top-notch investors, DeepCode is delivering the next generation of Augmented Intelligence tools for software developers backed by the most advanced platform for software code and the knowledge of the global software development community.

This is a unique opportunity to shape the next generation of how developers work.

We are looking for:


DeepCode is always looking for the most adventurous and technically savvy engineers. We have and are always seeking more team members with diverse skills and motivation in the fields of Program Analysis, ML, Full Stack, DevOps, Front-end, etc.

Developer Advocate

The Developer Advocate is a specific role within DeepCode’s engineering team that is focused on bridging internal and external communications. The developer advocate typically maintains a presence as an "ambassador" for the company, interacting with the outside world through social media and in person. DeepCode wants to engage the Open Source community and freely offer them the best code-analysis tools powered by the knowledge of the global development community. This role will be instrumental in driving the Software Revolution. This role does not need to be based in Zurich.

Technical Head of Product (Product Manager)

The Technical Head of Product (Product Manager) is responsible for setting our product strategy by gathering and prioritizing product, market and customer requirements and working closely with designers and engineers to deliver highly effective and loved tools for software developers.  You’ll be working directly with our CEO and CTO on setting and delivering DeepCode’s strategy.


All Full-time roles physically located in Zurich and requiring only English

More details about the roles can be found here:

Some of the Benefits:

  • A fast-growing start-up experience (opportunities for growth and end-to-end learnings) with a revolutionary size market potential, flat hierarchy, and backing by top investors.

  • A seasoned team of leading experts in their fields with extended industry and start-up experience.

  • Close collaborations with ETH Zurich and ability to incorporate/publish cutting edge research.

  • Shape a product that will impact every developer worldwide

  • Stock options

About DeepCode:

Help us build a Virtual Global Supercarrier! is an Internet search engine allowing users to combine flights from non-cooperating airlines and ground transport and we’re aiming to provide Door2door services.

You might want to join us because we deploy immediately after a job is completed, we decide which cutting-edge technologies are appropriate for the task, and we love contributing and using Open Source.

Currently, we’re searching mostly for:

Software Engineer in Test

You’ll work on building the testing infrastructure and the tools for our products. We’re passionate about test automation, and we are looking for someone proficient in developing features and also a strong tester to test anything.

Python Developer for Finance Tribe

Join the developers who take care of everything directly related to money. The services they build have a specific set of rules that might not be as mandatory in other areas. Do you like challenges? Well, the team cannot fail, even in streaks of high and unexpected demand.

Python Developer for Data-Acquisition Tribe

You will be building the pillars of everything that’s directly related to incoming and required data. Because of that, we’ve built a specific set of characters include those that are common, however, even more of those that are unique. There are moments we can fail, but we fix things asap even in streaks of high and unexpected demand.

Do you want to learn more? Contact us at



Greek Developers: Return Home to Greece

If you are currently living abroad and looking for an opportunity to return home to Greece to accept a challenging role at an agile and entrepreneurial company, consider Transifex. We will pay you a Repatriation Bonus of €5,000 to €10,000 when hired. As we grow our Greek team with rewarding work and financial stability, we also want to provide expatriates a good reason to return home and we hope to do our part to nurture the growth and possibilities of a strong entrepreneurial Greek business culture.



Numberly helps its clients collect, analyze and leverage data across different marketing channels. To do this, we are more than 100 engineers (a quarter of Numberly) divided into teams with a human dimension, where we ensure that everyone develops a positive influence and can be autonomous. Our sustained growth forces us to constantly question our technical and organizational choices.

With seven offices worldwide, clients in more than fifty countries, and a wide range of interconnected products, our technical issues are global, varied, and often complex. Our daily missions consist of processing thousands of requests per second, distributed throughout the world, operating databases of several petabytes, automating our entire bare-metal infrastructure, and building the digital marketing interfaces of tomorrow.

Software Engineer

We are looking for Software Engineers with thorough knowledge in at least one back-end and/or front-end stack to join our multiple product teams. You will be using exciting technologies like Python 3.7, Vue.js, Kafka, Kubernetes, ScyllaDB or GraphQL to build great platforms that leverage data for our clients, with the help of Infrastructure Engineers and Data Engineers.

Data Engineer

We are looking for Data Engineers to join our team dedicated to big data and real-time bidding. You will participate in the development of our Hadoop, Airflow, ScyllaDB and Kafka infrastructures, as well as the coding of new functionalities for our multiple products by interacting with Data Scientists and Software Engineers.

Data Scientist

We are looking for Data Scientists to work on applied mathematics and machine learning projects, and optimize our digital marketing campaigns. The role involves the creation and development of optimization algorithms, the realization of complex big data studies for our clients and the participation in the creation and development of our products, especially algorithms using the richness of the data we collect (real-time behavioral data, demographic data, purchasing data, etc.)



Datadog is a SaaS-based monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale applications and infrastructure. Combining real-time metrics from servers, containers, databases, and applications with end-to-end tracing and log management, Datadog delivers actionable alerts and powerful visualizations to provide full-stack observability. To deliver a product that customers love, we tackle and solve complex technical problems at scale, using the cloud and today’s best technologies. Datadog is built by engineers, for engineers. We do products, frontend, backend, and everything in between. If you’re interested in our opportunities, feel free to go on our career page or simply stop by our booth to chat with us.

Open-Source Software Engineer | Python

Datadog is building a world-class APM product that traces requests as they flow across complex systems. We are looking for an expert Python developer who can help push our tracing tools to the next level. Come and join us to build amazing open source software. For more info, please click into the position link or go on our career page for our many other positions.

More info:

Data Scientist

At Datadog, we’re on a mission to build the best monitoring platform in the world. We operate at high scale—trillions of data points per day—and high availability, providing always-on alerting, visualization, and tracing for our customers' infrastructure and applications around the globe.

You will have a fantastic team of data engineers to support you, a collaborative environment to encourage your work, and the best technologies for performing data science at high scale in your toolkit.

More info:

Software Engineer | Distributed Systems

As an engineer working on our distributed systems, you will build the high-throughput, low-latency systems that power our product. Your data pipelines will ingest, store, analyze, and query tens of millions of events per second from companies all over the globe. For more info, please click into the position link or go on our career page for our many other positions.

More info:



At JetBrains, code is our passion. For over 18 years, we have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, our tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover, and create.

We are looking for talented and motivated people to strengthen our teams in our Munich, Prague, and Amsterdam offices. The following roles are currently available:

Software Developer (Data Science IDE)

In this role, you will work on:

  • Area-specific static and dynamic code analysis which enables smart hints, quick-fixes, and refactorings.

  • Visualization of big data.

  • Integration with the existing data analysis infrastructure, which includes libraries and frameworks, as well as cloud services such as Amazon.

  • In working on these tasks, you will try out new technologies, especially in data analysis, and collaborate with different product teams including IntelliJ IDEA, Scala Plugin, Kotlin, and PyCharm.

QA Engineer (PyCharm)

As part of the PyCharm team, you will:

  • Perform functional, exploratory, and regression testing of various IDE components.

  • Perform usability testing.

  • Communicate with users in our bug tracker and process their requests.

  • Reproduce issues in both existing and new functionality in different environments.

  • Participate in feature discussions and version planning.

Product Marketing Manager (PyCharm)

We are looking for a creative and open-minded professional who shares our goal of helping Python developers speed up production, freeing them to grow, discover and create. You will help the team identify and focus on the most important and relevant ideas and share them among the Python community. In particular, you will:

  • Communicate with Python developers all over the world, understand their needs, and collect feedback.

  • Work in close cooperation with the team to determine product priorities and roadmaps.

  • Coordinate development, design, and marketing activities during the product release cycles.

  • Increase product profitability and market share.

  • Distill key functionality and features of the product into compelling marketing assets and advertising possibilities.

  • Plan and manage promotional campaigns to drive PyCharm awareness and user engagement.

  • Develop educational materials for Pycharm users based on their goals, needs, and knowledge levels.

  • Continuously monitor technology trends in the Python world to find and pursue new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Involve developer advocates and technical writers and ensure they deliver high-quality product-related content.

  • Prepare public appearances such as exhibitions and trade shows, customer visits, and training sessions.


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