Social Media

We have the following blogs and social media resources available for your convenience:

Please use the hashtag #EuroPython (preferred) or #EP2019 when referring to the conference.

We will also make short notice announcements available via the EuroPython Conference App we'll have for the conference as push messages.

Additional information, in particular about the organization behind the EuroPython conference, is available from the EuroPython Society (EPS). See below for links.

Please note that our Code of Conduct applies to all EuroPython channels.

Rules for the EuroPython Telegram Public Group

Advertising other Python events

We're happy to support community events, if you want to advertise other Python events, please check the conditions:

  • more than 150 attendees or international reach,
  • no reposting (one message per event),
  • no frequent meetups,
  • mandatory link for full information,
  • short messages (no more than 250 characters),
  • English track available,
  • CoC required, and
  • the message should pass by a Board member or the Comm WG before being published here (please speak with one of the Board members to ask).

You can also ask the Comm WG to retweet.

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