How to write a JIT compiler in 30 minutes

Antonio Cuni

Compiler and Interpreters Development TDD

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Real-world JIT compilers like PyPy and Numba are complex and advanced. However, the basic ideas behind JIT compilers are easy to understand, as this talk aim to show.

This is a live-coding exercise: we will start from a blank page and write a working (albeit simple and limited) JIT compiler from scratch.

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Advanced; Domain level: Advanced

Antonio Cuni

Antonio Cuni

I am an Italy-based consultant with years of experience with both big brands and small business. I hold a Ph.D. and a Master Degree in Computer Science. I am one of the core developers of PyPy, as well as the creator/maintainer/contributor of numerous other open source projects. See my projects page for details. I have also been very active in the Python community for years, giving talks at various conferences such as EuroPython, PyCon Italia and PyCon UK. I regularly write on the PyPy blog.