But I never wanted to do DevOps!

A Django deployment workshop for developers

Daniele Procida

Deployment/Continuous Integration and Delivery DevOps general Django Docker Web

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You're a programmer, which you love doing, but the culture of DevOps is pulling you towards a world in which you're supposed to be responsible for the dark art of operations too. Maybe you're happy with that - but what if you regard that prospect a bit anxiously? What if the next step is to be given a pager to keep by your bed, or to find yourself on alert during a children's birthday party?

In fact programmers can do deployment and operations, while staying clear of the dreaded pagers and on-call rotas - by learning enough to let someone else take care of the difficult parts. Modern containerisation technology combined with Platform-as-a-service systems give you power without needing you to take all the responsibility too - and they are probably much easier to learn to use than you imagine.

In this workshop we will use Docker containerisation on the Python/Django-powered Divio Cloud to deploy and manage Django web applications on infrastructure services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, alongside tools such as Sentry.

We'll also cover programming topics, such as how to use Django's abstraction layers in your code correctly so that you don't inadvertently constrain it to a single deployment environment. The skills and concepts you'll learn are transferable; they'll expand your repertoire and become valuable components in your developer's toolbox. And they will help ensure that you don't have to answer to a pager in the small hours of the night.

The examples and exercises in the workshop will be based on a workflow using the Docker-based Divio Cloud platform and will include using AWS, Sentry, and other products. However, the skills covered by the workshop are transferable. The presenter is an employee at Divio.

Type: Training (180 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Daniele Procida


I am a Django core developer. I work at Divio, and live in Cardiff, where I help run things like PyDiff, PyCon Namibia and PyCon UK.

I've been, with various degrees of success, a high-school teacher, a company director, a philosophy lecturer and some other things I don't care to mention, but what really worked was becoming a programmer a few years ago.

I'm heavily involved in the international Python/Django open-source software communities and have a special interest in open-source software development in Africa.