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Daniele Procida

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It's not enough to write a good talk. You have have to produce a good talk proposal to be selected in the first place. For most conferences, many people submit proposals to the CFP, but only a few are selected - sometimes as few as one in ten or more.

What's more, many of the other speakers will be experienced speakers who have learned over several years how to make the best possible speaking proposal. So, you're likely to be facing stiff competition.

I'm an an experienced speaker, and a veteran of many conferences. I've also been involved in the organisation of numerous PyCons and DjangoCons, and in the selection of talks.

This helpdesk will help you create a better speaking proposal, so it has a better chance of being selected.

Type: Help desk (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Daniele Procida


I am a Django core developer. I work at Divio, and live in Cardiff, where I help run things like PyDiff, PyCon Namibia and PyCon UK.

I've been, with various degrees of success, a high-school teacher, a company director, a philosophy lecturer and some other things I don't care to mention, but what really worked was becoming a programmer a few years ago.

I'm heavily involved in the international Python/Django open-source software communities and have a special interest in open-source software development in Africa.