Open Source projects automation

Bots, CI, packaging, automatic releases, changelog generation, multi-platform testing

Sviatoslav Sydorenko

Best Practice Deployment/Continuous Integration and Delivery Open-Source PyPi Templating

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Over the years of maintaining a number of FOSS projects, I've got a lot of hands-on experience of automating various processes related to maintainership responsibilities.

I can help to set up initial testing of your projects, various CI/CD (Travis CI, Circle CI, AppVeyor CI, Shippable CI), packaging library type projects (including building OS-specific wheels like manylinux1), continuous publishing of package dists to the Test PyPI and production PyPI releases triggered on Git tag. I also know how to set up changelog fragment collection which is helpful as a part of a release process.

If you need help with any of that or related things come :)

Type: Help desk (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Intermediate

Sviatoslav Sydorenko

Red Hat


Open source contributor, CherryPy and aiohttp maintainer.
Works 兩 for Red Hat in Ansible Core team 劾.

Python 3 lover.
Gentoo Linux user.

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