MongoDB for Python Developers

Introduction to MongoDB and Python for Developers

Michael Lynn

Databases Development Jupyter MongoDB Programming

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Learn the essentials of Python application development with
MongoDB as you build and complete a fully functional web application.
Attendees will receive an overview and introduction to MongoDB and then application development with Python and MongoDB before embarking on a journey of discovery, completing ticket-based work packages each designed to build on the previous. Learners will swiftly gain the skills necessary to leverage Python and MongoDB to build modern web applications.

Registrants are strongly encouraged to install prerequisite software prior to attending the workshop - this will alleviate bandwidth constraints.

- Python 3.6+ Installed
- PIP Installed
- MongoDB Compass Downloaded (If possible)

Type: Training (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Michael Lynn


Michael uses his extensive experience as a developer, engineer and technical leader to raise awareness of and to teach developers to use MongoDB and related technologies. Michael writes for the and on his own weblog at You will find him active on twitter @mlynn.