The pytest/tox/devpi help desk

Oliver Bestwalter

Best Practice Test Libraries (pytest/nose/...) Testing python

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We’ll try to help everyone with their questions around pytest, tox and devpi and how they work together to test and release your packages.

If you have concrete questions or just want to learn more about these tools, come around and have a chat with us.

Potential topics and questions are:

* I would like to test functionality X, but don’t know how to go about this, can you help me?
* pytest/tox/devpi does not work as I expect. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?
* My tox.ini is pretty verbose - can I simplify it somehow?
* I use Unittest for my tests, how can pytest make things better for me?
* My test suite is turning into an unmaintainable mess, can you give me some tips on how to avoid that?
* I have a weird bug that I can only reproduce on my laptop, can you have a look?
* I can’t test things properly locally because our continuous integration system is doing a lot of extra work, is there a way to do this differently?

Type: Help desk (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Oliver Bestwalter


Oliver fell in love with open source in the 1990s and with Python in 2006. He creates and helps maintain test and automation tools helping developers and companies to produce better software more effectively.

In 2016 he joined the tox project and is now one of the maintainers. Since 2017 he has been spending up to 20% of his time at Avira working on tox and other open source projects.