Sponsor Options

In addition to our Regular Sponsorship Packages, we offer these options as extras or stand-alone sponsor options.

Special Events Sponsoring / Additional Options

Option Price Notes
Sponsored talk on conference days €3,000.00  
Sponsored training on workshop days €3,000.00  
Sponsored training on conference days €6,000.00 Not available this year
Sponsored business poster €500.00  
Conference app sponsor €5,000.00  
Social event / party sponsor €8,000.00  
Financial aid sponsor €5,000.00 minimum; full amount goes to finaid budget
Sprints/Openspace/Barcamp sponsor €2,000.00  
Live subtitle sponsor please ask Not available this year
Networking event sponsor please ask  
Coffee break sponsor €3,000.00 per day
Sprints coffee break sponsors €2,000.00 per day
Room sponsor (250-300 seats) €2,000.00 per room
Room sponsor (100-150 seats) €1,000.00 per room
Lanyard sponsor €1,000.00 + price of lanyards
Bag sponsor €1,000.00 + price of bags
Water sponsor €1,000.00 + price of bottles

All prices are without applicable VAT. If you have any questions, please contact us for details.

Lounge event options

These are our lounge events. They can be booked subject to availability.

  • 2 table football tables in lounge area
  • Green goods (fruit baskets) every day
  • Gourmet coffee stall for 1 day
  • Ice cream stall for 1 day
  • Popcorn stall for 1 day
  • Laser Tag session (1.5 hours)
  • Karaoke night

We can also arrange custom events such as parties, contests, etc.

Please see our brochure for details and pricing, or contact us for details.