How Thinking in Python Made Me a Better Software Engineer

Think in Python! Thinking is hard, but thinking in Python makes it easier to develop efficiently.

Johnny Dude

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Did you ever wonder why development in Python can be x10 faster than development in languages like c++?

Observing my teams’ experimentations, the python community, and reading, I have adopted various habits, patterns, and tools. But most importantly I learned thinking in Python. I consider thinking in Python a key for rapid development and good engineering.

Thinking in a programming language affects the amount of information you need to keep in your working memory. It also affects the abstractions and tools that pop in your mind and then used in constructing solutions.

Let’s explore what it means to think in Python. Why Python allows you to focus on problem solving, while languages like c++ often distract your attention from the problem at hand.

In this talk I will cover some good and bad practices by examples while trying to consider the amount of effort needed to write it, read it, and talk about it with other team members.

Key Takeaways: Tips for speeding your work without compromising quality, and reasoning for using it.

* The audience should be comfortably familiar with the process of software development, and software problem solving, and experience using Python.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Intermediate

Johnny Dude

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In the past decade I have mainly worked on research and prototyping. Now I am a technical lead of a team that develops features to somewhere between prototype and c++ production code.

I have been using Python since 2005, and the zen of Python guides me no matter what language I'm being paid to write in.